Let’s Meet

Let’s get to know each other! Coffee’s on us! Tell us about your family, your story, or your business! We will even come to your home to tackle all your burning questions, such as:

-The investment

-The clothing that looks best on you

-Where in your home your art will live

-Who should be in the pics (everyone! Pets?? Bring ‘em on!)

We Have fun

You may have suffered through tedious sessions in the past with Mom threatening the kids to smile or suffer her wrath. Well, that’s not how it works here! No threats, just fun! We embrace the chaos that is family, and capture each individual in their own beautiful light. Just be warned - you’ll have so much fun you may want to stay!

The Big reveal

Approximately one to two weeks after we take photos, we will return to your home for your View and Order appointment.  Here we help you customize your own albums or wall art. Your View and Order appointment is the time set aside to finalize your portrait order, so be sure and schedule a time when all decision-makers can be there. Most clients choose to have their images delivered and installed in their homes. About 4-6 weeks after your order has been placed, your portraits will be delivered and installed at no extra cost to you.

I’m ready! What to do next: Call us! 803-862-9576